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02 Aug

Does the way a buyer pays for a business change the price?

Posted in General valuation topics on 02.08.10

The transaction databases that I use in the process of valuing businesses generally reflect that there is a discount for all cash deals.  Sellers are usually willing take less money if they get it up front.  I discussed with Marty Fishman, a business broker with Transworld Business Brokers, whether the way a buyer pays for a business changes the price.

There are generally three ways that a buyer can finance a transaction:

  • Pay cash,
  • Lender financing with some buyer cash, or
  • Seller financing with some buyer cash.

The lender financing is financing from a bank based on the business operations and its assets, usually through an SBA program.  When buyers use home equity loans to finance businesses, the sellers view the transaction as a cash transaction.

Even though a seller receives the purchase price in cash in lender financed deals, the buyer does not usually receive a discount.  This is because the types of businesses that qualify for lender financing are sound businesses with good records.  The businesses may even have tangible assets which are part of the deal such as equipment or inventory.  Many of these businesses are even pre-qualified for financing, making them more in demand and more marketable.

So what does this mean in terms of the price that a buyer will pay for cash?  Cash deals are discounted between 5% and 20% according to Mr. Fishman.  The amount of the discount depends upon a number of factors.  Perhaps top of the list is the motivation of the seller.  Motivated sellers are willing to lower the price to sell the business quicker.  Cash deals will often close quicker than financed deals, with less risk of the deal falling apart.   The better businesses have lower discounts;  businesses with poorer records or that have been experiencing downward trends will have higher discounts for cash buyers than more profitable businesses with good records.

The bottom line is that buyers who get a discount for offering cash can negotiate based on the condition of the business and how motivated the seller is.  Good negotiators may get a better deal by understanding the business.

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